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Welcome to the WI Family Business Forum (WFBF).  92% of all businesses are family owned. They employ nearly 60% of the workforce, produce 40-60% of the GDP, and utilize more than $2.4 trillion of investment capital.

  • 30% of all family-owned businesses survive to the 2nd generation
  • 12% make it to the third generation
  • 3% survive to the fourth generation

The WI Family Business Forum is an organization founded in 1996 that exists for the sole purpose of fostering healthy family businesses. WFBF is a partnership of family businesses (including owners, family members and non-family employees), professional service organizations, and the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, College of Business. We come together as partners, business owners, family members, non-family employees, business professionals and academics to explore the challenges and rewards of family enterprise and to grow in knowledge, skills, and experience.

The WI Family Business Forum offers educational programs, networking opportunities and information sharing through workshops, seminars, and peer groups discussions.

WFBF Sucession Planning Summit 12/05/2017

WFBF 20th Anniversary Celebration Video's

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