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Strategic Journeys are Not Always in Straight Lines

By: Schenck - Thomas Schultz

Business owners and organization leaders face what seem like countless hurdles to the success of their organization. Those hurdles can often get in the way of taking the time to think strategically about your business.

Using an analogy, an organization’s strategic direction is like a conductor for a drum line that the business “dances” to each day. To finish the analogy, when strategy is unclear—like a conductor who doesn’t guide the drum line—you get noise, not music.

What does noise look like?  (click here to read full article)

Planning in a New Interest Rate Environment

By: Wells Fargo - Matthew Brady, Marc Doss, Baie Netzer, Chrstie O. Brush

Many investors came of age in an era of prolonged low interest rates, and the post-recession period in recent years has brought rates to particularly low levels. The Federal Reserve’s (Fed) recent action to raise short-term rates signals a change in long-standing policy, with implications for both investment and financial planning. Wealthier families use a variety of gifting techniques (both charitable and for family gifts) to accomplish their goals. These techniques depend on the interplay between interest rates and long-term investment returns.

In this update, we’ll discuss the near-term interest rate and long-term investment outlook and their often- overlooked effect on financial planning decisions. (click here to read full article)


What you need to know to protect your Business Account

By Joan Woldt, EVP-Regional President, Bank First National

How many of you have dealt with the wasted time and energy of having to change your bank account due to a fraud issue? If you haven’t yet, the chances are high that you will. According to the American Bankers Association... (click here to read full article)



Successful Dysfunction

By: Nicole Smith, Organizational Development Specialist Utech Customized Organizational Development

Are you a part of a growing business? Guess what. You are on a path to dysfunction. It's bound to happen. It's an unexpected outcome of success. Growth is an ongoing process that forces us to continuously challenge ourselves to be better. What once worked when you were an organization of 20 typically doesn't work when you are an organization of 60. With growth comes the need to realign people, process and structure. To read the rest of Nicole's column,  (click here to read full article)


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