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The Forum community places a high value on the opportunity to learn together and to discuss strategies and concerns with one another in a problem solving and leadership development mode. Membership in the Forum is a pre-requisite for participation in these groups.

The Generation Now group is made up predominantly of individuals who have taken over responsibility for operating their family business.  Much of the group's meeting time is spent helping each other think through issues and potential solutions.  The varieties of background and experience levels combined with a very high trust level within the group are critical assets in the group's ability to support each other. The group also invites speakers on a variety of topics - the general focus being on business topics that are beneficial to the group members.

The Non-Family Executives group is composed of non-family presidents, chief financial officers, human resource directors, operations and general managers. The group focuses on their unique roles and responsibilities as part of a family-owned business. The facilitator helps identify topics and family business advisors to lead group discussions on topics of interest.

ROOTs (Refining Our Origin and Traits) has defined itself as a loyal and confidential group of family business peers that will learn from and support each other through discovering solutions to problems and issues as they occur.  This group focuses on their professional and personal development.

The Senior Executives group regularly welcomes additional members. Group members represent the senior leadership in member businesses. They are focusing on topics including transitioning the business to the next generation, letting go, coaching and mentoring, life after retirement, and other areas of interest.

The Sponsors group is composed of family business professionals from sponsoring organizations. The group meets several times a year to clarify their roles in the Forum's offerings, develop strategic relationships with one another, and discuss issues of mutual interest to them and the Forum.

The TBD group named is composed of individuals whose exact roles in their organizations are TO BE DETERMINED (TBD). However, these individuals all anticipate being in ownership/leadership roles in the foreseeable future. They focus on issues associated with being the next generation leaders.

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