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The Board has developed a strategic plan that includes a variety of resources to meet the interests and needs of the members as well as prospect members.

Board Candidates - a directory of members and sponsors who are willing to serve as outside directors on a family business Board.

Buddy System - an opportunity for more seasoned members/sponsors to network with new members/sponsors to both parties. It demonstrates commitment to the Forum by enhancing the first impression new members/sponsors have of the organization. Interested members and sponsors are encouraged to access the Buddy checklist and buddy system contract for further information.

Consultancy Directory - qualified family business professionals and references provided to members in response to specific requests.

Directory of Members and Sponsors - this on-line resource, available through the Members Only section of this site, provides immediate access to current contact and business information about all the Forum partners.

Experts Corner - articles on topics that our Sponsors have expertise in and are relevant to our family business members (and friends of the Forum).    

Facilitation - skilled facilitators available to meet member needs.

Family Business Resource Center - a unique resource designed to provide relevant family business information to members, sponsors and benefactors. The Center includes books, periodicals, tapes, and online resources. A current list of the holdings is available through the Members Only section of this site.

Information Searches - information provided via the Forum staff in response to specific member questions.

ListServ - this electronic mailing list provides members and sponsors a fast and efficient way to dialogue about issues of immediate concern and to quickly access the knowledge and experience of the collective Forum when a question or issue needs an immediate answer.


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