- Dynamic Strategy Grant -

Having the right strategy can be the key factor to determine the success of a business, especially in challenging times or when facing intense competition.  Many companies do not have the resources to go through extensive strategic planning exercises and need to respond more quickly.  We have designed an interactive strategy training program to help these companies develop the critical skills in a short amount of time.

Participants will learn how to have a strategic discussion in a team with different viewpoints, how to collaborate to create a shared vision, how to translate that vision into quick action plans, and how to test these action plans against external influences, such as environmental trends, the competition, or changes in the customer perspective.   Instead of learning these skills in a theoretical approach, the training is focused on a series of simulations in which the participants work together to create an actual strategic plan.  That experience will allow them to lead their companies through a similar exercise in the future.

Representatives from 5+ companies form a class.  These companies may differ significantly in size, industry and focus.  But it does not matter.  All participants will work together.  The group will choose a well known company as the test case.  Some teams like Starbucks, others Amazon, others prefer a local company.  It should however not be a company that any of the participants actually do business with, to avoid any semblance of conflicts of interest.  Each member of the group will be assigned a role on the leadership team of that company and we will go through a series of collaboration exercises.   Over the course of four half-day sessions including some homework assignments between sessions, the group will develop a vision for that company, translate the vision into a plan, and test the plan against various challenges. 

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